FlipCast Episode 1: The One We Recorded at Panera

The FlipCast (4)

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In this episode …

• Shawn and Robbie introduce themselves and what the FlipCast is all about

• You can hear what the end of a lunch rush sounds like at Panera Bread

• Shawn says “you know” about 356 times

• Robbie withholds a life-changing take

Shawn’s notes: It was an experience cutting the first podcast in a public setting. Not a bad one, just kind of different. Personally, I kind of like having the restaurant sounds in the background for this one. It adds this feeling like the microphone was eavesdropping a bit into a lunch conversation (May I suggest the bread bowl with the cream of chicken with wild rice soup?). I’ll venture that future episodes – maybe the ones not recorded in restaurants – will come off as more candid as Robbie and I tried to be courteous to the folks two tables over who appeared to be studying. Also, I need to work on fading music on the intro end of things. Learning processes are fun.