A new FlipCast! Rejoice!

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On this episode: The end breaks down into a semi-heated take-off about candy with Easter approaching, but before you get to that, Robbie and Shawn discuss things like the NFL’s Scouting Combine, free agency in the NFL, Ben Roethlisberger throwing things again, the Astros scandal and a different kind of sign taken with the Astros’ involvement. Kobe Bryant’s memorial service and the Bucks’ dominance along with a crazy NHL trade deadline jump in before video game talk and the takes about a very important part of the Easter candy lineup (Spoiler: Shawn is on the right side of this one if you ask Shawn). 


Remember us? We’re still here and we’re still podcasting

Yup. We’re still at this whole podcasting thing.

So, we’re still podcasting; though maybe not every week like we once were. We should change that. Nevertheless, our podcasts are hosted in a different place than you might remember. We’re now on Anchor.

But … If you need to still locate us on Apple Podcasts, we’re still there. Subscribe to us. Write nice things in the reviews. Comment on our ability to successfully say 90 percent of the words we intend to use when speaking.

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We’re also planning some big things to add to our podcasting brand, some stuff that may be familiar to longtime listeners of The FlipCast along with some stuff that is brand new to even us. It’ll be exciting stuff and with increased listenership comes more podcast content. Let your friends know what we’re doing.