Bryce Harper must be a reader of The Bat Flip

I mean. Just look at this beautiful bat flip from Bryce Harper.

Seriously, look at it.

This thing takes about 6.5 rotations according to my unofficial count. The home run that inspired this toss gave the Phillies an 8-2 lead in Harper’s first game in Washington since signing with the Phillies in March. He’s got three home runs this season. It led to a “WE GOT HARPER!” chant from Phillies fans who loudly overwhelmed Nationals fans once the rout was clearly on at Nationals Park.

Serves Nationals fans right for booing the man.

This one was a bomb.

This thing traveled 458 feet. Four. Fifty. Eight.


Bryce. Harper. Bat Flip.

The Phillies faced the Nationals in D.C. tonight, the first time Bryce Harper has played there as an enemy. Harper was greeted with boos and struck out in his first two ABs.

Lest anyone think the crowd of angry Nats fans was getting to him, Harper doubled in the 5th and singled in the 6th.

But he saved the best for his last AB in which he hit a 458-foot, second-deck home run and gave us the first truly great bat flip of the 2019 season.

The Phillies beat the Nats, 8-2.

Song of the Day–4.1.19: Baseball Edition

In honor of the Pirates’ Home Opener today, I’m going to fill this post with a few songs about baseball.

First up, a song from 70 years ago honoring one of the greatest legends and most important figures in baseball history: “Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball?” written by Buddy Johnson then recorded by Count Basie & his orchestra in 1949.

Let’s fast forward 36 years to a very different kind of song. I couldn’t write a post about baseball songs without including a classic like “Centerfield.” I can hear you all groan from here.

This last song really has nothing to do with baseball, but I will forever associate “Runaround Sue” with baseball because of this “Little Big League” montage. It is a completely inexplicable montage, even by kids’ baseball movie standards (and yes, that is a pre-“Gilmore Girls” Scott Patterson aka Luke Danes at 1:35 of the video).

Happy Home Opener, Bucco fans!