A new FlipCast! Rejoice!

Head on over to Anchor, Apple Podcasts and Spotify for the most recent episode of The FlipCast.

Also, we’re on Breaker, Google Podcasts and Radio Public for those who consume their podcasts on those services.

On this episode: The end breaks down into a semi-heated take-off about candy with Easter approaching, but before you get to that, Robbie and Shawn discuss things like the NFL’s Scouting Combine, free agency in the NFL, Ben Roethlisberger throwing things again, the Astros scandal and a different kind of sign taken with the Astros’ involvement. Kobe Bryant’s memorial service and the Bucks’ dominance along with a crazy NHL trade deadline jump in before video game talk and the takes about a very important part of the Easter candy lineup (Spoiler: Shawn is on the right side of this one if you ask Shawn). 


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